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The Honest Value of the Twelve Visions Party

As a youngster and young man I was told there were 2 parties, no choices.  Following the 2 parties was the American way. Like many Americans I was born into a family of one dominant party focus. Through family direction I followed the leaders, Yes Followed the leaders.

From the beginning I followed, and did what I was told. I was told there are leader so I had to follow their decisions.  I needed to be respectful of, and follow the leader’s decisions. Never rock the boat.

I always know there was something wrong with this concept.  So Wrong!

But as a follower, I didn’t truly get it, could not snap the pieces of the puzzle together.

Today through the Neothink Generational Manuscripts and the Twelve Visions Party, my eyes and ears are opened to the true integrated honesty and  reality of the dishonestly of government officials/ career politicians who are carelessly and meticulously manipulating our lives and our futures.

I am saying what happened to our government all of a sudden.  The integrated honestly is our government officials have for many years, worked in a self-centered manner.

The difference is that, I am now aware of this reality, through the readings and works of Mark Hamilton.

I am transitioning from a muted follower accepting dishonesties and illusions, to a self-leader asking questions.

I am now wide awake to the corruption and greed that is around me.

Now as a Value Creator, I am willing to step up and be a leader, I am losing the follower mentality, and actively, on a daily basis, study then create activities that will help mankind live a life of love, happiness, and even wealth.

It is time to address the illusions and bring in the honesties that will help all mankind.

Live The Lives each man and women are meant to live.

Today I am a very happy value creating man who is gaining ongoing happiness by creating values for others.  I understand the way to achieve happiness and pursue that direction.

Mark Hamilton and Neothink have given me the tools to turn my life around from a follower to a happy effective Value Creator for society.  Today, I know I can contribute to the happiness of all men and women and even help make all the people rich including the poor.

Thank you Mark Hamilton for opening my eyes and seeing reality!!!!!

Steve F.



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